Shipment of products is carried out in the period agreed with the customer, but not later than 10 working days after receiving a provider payment to your settlement account subject to final payment by the buyer for the delivered goods at the time of shipment.

The buyer acquires ownership of the products and bears all related risks from the date of product shipment by the supplier to the buyer. Shipment is the time when the supplier transfers the products to the transport organization with the registration of the relevant transport documents. Products shall be deemed made from the date of shipment.

The products are shipped to the buyer by rail, by road or by mail. The buyer is entitled to delivery of the products ex-works. Products should be shipped in containers and packaging manufacturer, meets the requirements of GOST, technical conditions, drawings. Packaging must ensure safety of products during transportation and storage. Transport packaging is non-refundable. The cost of packaging is included in the price of the products. Transport expenses included in the cost of production or to be paid by the buyer upon receipt of products.