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Dear Colleagues!

The company "TYPHOON-AIR" Reports about the possible supply of 2 (two) Mi-8AMT helicopter in the configuration in accordance with Annex № 1 to this Commercial offer under the following terms:


Year of ex - me

Price per one. US $


Total US $

Mi-8AMT helicopters in complete set in accordance with Appendix No. 1 to this Commercial Offer, with a single set (1: 1) of spare parts, tools, ground support equipment and a set of operational and technical documentation


9 500 000



Prices are indicated on the terms of pickup of helicopters from the territory of the seller at the address: Russian Federation, Ulan-Ude.
The warranty period (guarantee time) for each helicopter under this Commercial proposal is as follows: 12 (twelve) months from the date of delivery or 300 (three hundred) flight hours from the date of manufacture of each helicopter, whichever is earlier.
Terms of payment: Calculations under the contract for the supply of helicopters are proposed to be carried out in the following order: 100 (one hundred) percent of the price of helicopters is paid within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of signing the contract.
The term for the transfer of helicopters without taking into account the execution of accompanying documentation is 40 days.
The company "TYPHOON-AVIA" hopes for fruitful cooperation and is ready to consider projects of any complexity. 

LIST of the
main components
and additional equipment
installed on each Mi-8AMT helicopter

Section I.

No. p / p Name Designation Qty Units rev.
Power plant, carrier system and transmission
one. Engine TV3-117VM ser. 02 PC. 2
2. Auxiliary power plant SAFIR 5K / G MI to-t one
3. Dust protection device 8AMT-6820-00-01 / 02 to-t one
4. Main gearbox BP-14 PC. one
5. Enhanced transmission  8M-1500-000SB to-t one
6. Swash plate 8-1960-000 PC. one
7. Fan 8A-6311-00 ser. 4 PC. one
8. Fan drive shaft 8A-6314-00 PC. one
nine. Rotor hub 8-1930-000 ser. 02 PC. one
10. Main rotor blades (5 pcs.) 8AT-2710-00 to-t one
eleven. Steering screw 246-3904-000 ser. 01 PC. one
12. Vibration suppressor 8AMT-1250-00 PC. one
Fuel and oil systems
thirteen. Electric centrifugal pump ETsN91S PC. 2
14. Electric centrifugal pump 463B PC. one
fifteen. Float valve 766300A-1-T PC. one
sixteen. Overhead crane 768600MA PC. 5
17. Magnetic electric crane 610200A PC. 3
eighteen. Overflow crane 637000 PC. one
nineteen. Overhead crane 633630 PC. one
twenty. Drain tap 601100-1 PC. 2
21. Drain tap 636700A PC. 4
22. Air oil cooler block 5349T PC. 2
Management and hydraulic system
23. Combined control unit KAU-115AM PC. 4
24. Hydraulic filter 8D2.966.017-2 PC. 2
25. Fine hydraulic filter FG11BN PC. 2
26. Electromagnetic brake EMT-2M PC. 3
27. Pump unloading machine GA-77V PC. 2
28. On-off crane GA-74M / 5 PC. 2
29. Electric magnetic tap GA192T PC. 6
thirty. Dispenser GA172-00-2 / T PC. one
31. Gear pump NSh39M PC. 2
32. Check Valve OK-10A PC. 4
33. Emergency power valve GA-59/1 PC. one
34. Electromechanism MP-100M ser. 2 PC. 2
35. Chain, 67 links PR 15.875-2300-1-67 PC. one
36. Lever RU-2 PC. 2
37. Moving Stop System SPUU-52 PC. one
Fuselage, landing gear and pneumatic system
38. Front chassis tire 595X185 model 14 PC. 2
39. Main chassis tire 865X280 model 1A PC. 2
40. Main chassis shock absorber 8A-4101-00B-1 PC. one
41. Main chassis shock absorber 8A-4101-00B-2 PC. one
42. Front chassis suspension arm 8A-4201-00A PC. one
43. Compressor AK-50T1 ser. 3 PC. one
44. Side viewing glass (right) V8BP.000 PC. one
45. Side viewing glass (left) V8BP.000-01 PC. one
46. Wheel non-brake under the tire size K2116 PC. 2
595 * 185
47. Tire wheel size 865 * 280 KT97-310 PC. 2
48. Wheel brake KT97-220-1 PC. one
49. Wheel brake KT97-220-2 PC. one
fifty. Pressure reducing valve UP25 / 2 PC. one
51. Reduction accelerator UPOZ / 2M PC. one
52. Tail shock absorber B24-4301-100-7 PC. one
53. Cargo flaps with a central hatch - to-t one
Fire, de-icing systems and heating and ventilation systems
54. Fire extinguisher 1-4-4-Freon 114B2 to-t 2
55. Regulating damper 1919T PC. 2
56. Electric fan DV-302T PC. 3
57. Electric fan EV-0.7-1640 PC. 5
58. Manual fire extinguisher OP1-2,0-20-30 Freon PC. 2
59. Fire alarm system SSP-FC ser. 2 PC. 3
60. Temperature regulator TER-1M PC. 6
61. Auto transformer AT-8-3 PC. 2
62. Wiper Motor EPK-2T-60 PC. 2
63. Software engine PMK-21TV ser. 3 PC. one
64. Current collector TSV36M313 PC. one
65. Tail rotor current collector 8AT-7420 PC. one
66. Icing warning device SO-121VM var. "BUT" PC. one
67. Air thermometer TV-19T to-t one
Aggregates of electrical equipment and switching equipment
68. Alternator GT40PCh8V PC. 2
69. Mounting frame RM-355G PC. 2
70. Voltage regulation unit BRN120T5A-3S PC. 2
71. Protection and control unit BZUNP355G PC. 2
72. Current transformer block BTT40BT PC. 2
73. Phase rotation unit BCF-208 PC. one
74. Transformer TS310S04B PC. 2
75. Step-down transformer TR-115/36 PC. 2
76. Three-phase static converter PTS-800BM PC. one
77. Static single-phase converter SPO-9 PC. one
78. Tire changer APSh-3M PC. 2
79. Block BSGO400A PC. one
80. Rectifier device VU-6B to-t 3
81. Complex apparatus DMR-200VU PC. 2
82. Engine starting machine APD-78A PC. one
83. Rechargeable battery 20NKBN-25-TD-U3 PC. 2
84. Aerodrome power plug plug Shrap-500K PC. one
85. Aerodrome power plug plug Shrap-400-3F PC. one
Lighting equipment
86. The lamp is cabin SBC PC. one
87. Lamp SM-3B-1-1 PC. one
88. Adjusting transformer TR-100/2 PC. 2
89. Emergency warning system  SAS-4-9 to-t one
and notification alarms
90. Shade PBS-1 PC. 6
91. Shade P-39 PC. 12
92. Headlamp FR-100 PC. 21
93. Airborne navigation light BANO-64 PC. 2
94. Taillight HS-62 PC. one
95. Landing and searchlight FPP-7M PC. 2
96. Signal beacon MSL-3-2C PC. 2
97. Drill lights OPS-57 PC. 3
98. Transformer TN-115-7.5 PC. one
99. Siren S-1 PC. one
one hundred. Cassette 7-K-991 (EXR-46) PC. 2
101. Rocket control 7-P-662K PC. 2
Devices for monitoring engines and gearboxes
102. Pointer UI1-3K (KCH) PC. one
103. Inductive sensor ID-3 PC. one
104. Indicator ITE-1T to-t 2
105. Primary transducer D-1M U2 PC. 2
106. Moving position indicator IP-21-15 PC. one
107. Sensor selsynny DS-11 PC. one
108. Temperature regulator RT-12-6 ser. 2 PC. 2
109. Temperature receiver P-77 var. 2 PC. 2
110. Pressure measuring complex IKD27 Yes-220-780 PC. 2
111. Mode meter IR-117M to-t one
112. Indicator ITE-2T to-t 2
113. Primary transducer D-2M U2 PC. 2
114. Dual measuring equipment 2IA-6 to-t one
115. Vibration control equipment IV-500E ser. 2 to-t one
116. Pointer UI3-3K (KCH) PC. 2
117. Induction sensor IMD-8 PC. 2
118. Oil temperature receiver P-2Tr PC. 3
119. Pointer UI3-6K (KCH) PC. one
120. Induction sensor ID-8 PC. one
121. Resistance thermometer universal electric TUE-48 PC. one
Instruments for monitoring fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems
122. Kerosinomer SKES-2027B to-t one
123. Pressure switch SD-29A PC. 3
124. Pressure switch MCT-25A PC. one
125. Pressure switch MCT-30A PC. one
126. Air pressure gauge MVU-100K PC. one
127. Air pressure gauge MA-60 PC. one
128. Voltmeter VF-0.4-150 PC. one
129. Voltmeter IN 1 PC. one
130. Ammeter A-2 PC. 3
131. Ammeter AF1-150 PC. 4
132. Transformer TF1-75.150 / 1A PC. 3
133. Transformer TF1-25.50.100 / 1A PC. 4
134. Pointer UI1-100K (KCH) PC. 2
135. Inductive sensor ID-100 PC. 2
Flight and navigation equipment
136. Autopilot AP-34B ser. 2 to-t one
137. Compensation sensor 6C2.553.002 PC. one
138. Filter block BF-34 party A PC. one
139. Communication unit BS-34-1 PC. one
140. Thermometer TV-45K PC. one
141. Instrument Speed ​​Corrector KZSP PC. one
142. Ready Signal Block BSG PC. one
143. Horizon AGB-96D PC. 2
144. Horizon AGB-96R PC. one
145. Course system GMK-1GE to-t one
146. Pointer UGR-4UK ser. 3 PC. 2
147. Magnetic compass KI-13K PC. one
148. Roll Control Unit BKK-18 PC. one
149. Power failure indicator SNP-1 PC. one
150. Correction switch VK-53E-RV PC. one
151. Altimeter VD-10VK ser. 2 PC. 2
152. Airspeed indicator US-450K ser. 2 (US-450KA) PC. 2
153. Membrane variometer VAR-30MK ser. 4 PC. 2
154. Air pressure receiver PVD-6M PC. 2
155. Static Pressure Switch Crane 623700-3 PC. one
156. Aviation clock AChS-1MK PC. one
157. Earth proximity early warning system: SRPBZ unit, SRPBZ console, AD32 air data display device, Kallsman air flow temperature sensor SRPBZ to-t one
158. On-board multifunctional GPS / GLONASS system BMS indicator PC. one
Control equipment
159. On-board registration device BUR-1-2 ser. 2 to-t one
160. Module M11A PC. 2
161. Overload sensor MP-95 +/- 1.5 PC. one
162. Overload sensor MP-95 + 3-1 PC. one
163. Potentiometric sensor MU-615A ser. one PC. 8
164. Height sensor DV-15MV ser. 2 PC. one
165. Instrument Speed ​​Sensor DPSM-1 PC. one
166. Pressure signaling device heat-resistant vibration-proof MSTV-2.5S PC. one
Helicopter Equipment
167. Automatic radio compass ARK-15M PC. one
168. Radio altimeter A-037 isp. 4 to-t one
169. Block mechanical transitional BMP ser. 2 PC. 2
Radio communication equipment
170. Radio station PRIMA-KV to-t one
171. Radio station ORLAN-85ST to-t one
172. Intercom SPU-7 to-t one
173. Voice Alarm Equipment DIAMOND-UPM to-t one
174. Headset GSSH-A-18 to-t 3
175. Voice Recorder P-507M PC. one
176. Board preparation for installation of the radar transponder 6201-9 - to-t one
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
177. Heating and ventilation system with lower heater 2437-02 (KO-50) to-t one
Household, oxygen, rescue equipment
178. Emergency lighthouse AWP-406H1 PC. one
179. Rescue Lighthouse PARM-406A PC. one

Section II.

No pp Name Designation Qty Units rev.
Fuel and oil systems
one. Additional left internal fuel tank of the lower arrangement 8AT-6116-100 (8AT-6117-00-02) - PC. one
2. Finalization of the side for the installation of an additional right internal fuel tank of the lower location 8AT-6116-100 (8AT-6117-00-01) - PC. one
3. External additional fuel tanks with installation according to the devil. 171-6140-00 and a system for pumping fuel from tanks according to hell. 171-6130-00 171-6150-00-01; 02 to-t one
Radio communication equipment
4. Weather radar with MFI A813-0409 1A813M-300 to-t one
Lifting and transport equipment
5. Board preparation for the installation of external suspension 8AMT.9611.000.903 - to-t one
6. Board preparation for the installation of an onboard boom with a SLG-300 winch - PC. one
7. Airborne command system (light and sound alarm) - to-t one
8. Landing cables (long) on ​​the left and right sides - to-t one
Landing equipment
nine. Folding seats for 27 seats TU-80AMT-2z to-t one
10. Enlarged emergency hatches 171M.0385.200 to-t one
Flight and navigation equipment
eleven. ATC Defendant KT 74 PC. one
12. Navigation system with VOR / LOC / VHF functions KX 165A PC. one
thirteen. VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator KI 206 PC. one
14. VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator  KI 207 PC. one
fifteen. Radio range finder with the KDI-572 indicator KN63 PC. one
sixteen. Automatic radio compass  ARK-UD to-t one
Other optional equipment
17. Board preparation for installation of medical modules of helicopter MMV.9520.000-03, MMV.9520.000-04  - to-t one
eighteen. Rails 8AMT-0360-750SB to-t one


  1. In the presence of refinement of the side for installing the external suspension, the third headlight FPP-7M is installed.